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CIRI - Agrifood

CIRI - Agrifood (Interdepartmental Centre of Industrial Agrifood Research) belongs to the University of Bologna and has the aim of reinforcing the relation between industry and research centre, promoting the technological transfer in order to meet the needs of the productive sector.

CIRI - Agrifood intends to create a network of infrastructures for the research and the innovation, dedicated to the industrial research and the technological transfer. The project is a part of the Regional Operative Plan of the Emilia Romagna Region supported by the European Fund for the Regional Development 2007-2013, as consolidation of the High Technology regional Network.

The peculiarity and the innovativeness of the CIRI - Agrifood lie in the “food integrated view”, seen as a sequence of calibrated procedures (raw material and ingredients, formulation, fermentation or technological process, packaging, storage conditions or suitable ripening etc.) able to plan and predict the security, the organoleptic and nutritional quality and the product shelf life.

To this end, the technological, microbiological, analytical and nutritional competences working in the CIRI - Agrifood centre are integrated in order to provide the industry not only with services but suppinting all the production and innovation phases.

Agrifood CIRI is actually hosted at the Campus of Food Science in Cesena. The research centre is directed by prof. Marco Dalla Rosa and it is divided in two Units: "Bioanalytical, bioactivity, microbiology and exploitation of microorganisms for industrial purposes" and "Food processing, consumption and health"

Professors and researchers working in CIRI Agrifood center