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Business services

The CIRI Agrifood collaborates with different companies of agri-food sector in Emilia Romagna region and in other parts of Italy. The research centre can meets the company needs and support them in their activities.

The CIRI Agrifood collaborates with different enterprises and supplies an adequate support to industry needs by research and advisory activity.

Organizations, enterprises o private customers ask to CIRI Agrifood support and many research project activities are developed. The main actions of CIRI Agrifood are project drafting, creating know-how and finally developing new process and new products.

In order to stipulate a partnership, it needs to endorse an agreement. The CIRI Agrifood renders assistance related to the financing opportunities (such as F1RST) and financial support on research and development, innovation and technologic transfer topics.

-          It is possible consulting many researchers and professors related to their expertise and research topic

-          Professors and researchers have didactic activities, events, seminaries and conferences

-          It is possible using the equipment of CIRI Agrifood supported by internal staff and by quotation; or in similar way, it is possible the use of pilot plant.

Actually, the CIRI Agrifood has a lot of collaborations with different enterprises and organizations in a wide range of applications, like as bakery products, phermented meat, beverages, frozen foods, fruit&vegetables.

The Center is on the front line for promoting technologic transfer, in particular, for small and medium regional enterprises.