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From the feasibility study to the simulations, from benchmarking to patent searches, there are many activities offered by the Center.

What's it about

CIRI - AGRO applies the technical knowledge possessed to carry out consultations that may or may not result in the preparation of a scientific report.In consulting activities, the attainment of a patentable inventive result, or in any case that can be protected by means of a different industrial property title, is characterized as an extraordinary and unpredictable consequence of the activity performed. In this case the management of intellectual property rights will be the subject of a separate agreement.


What advice we offerSome of the types of advice we offer:·

  • benchmarking activities aimed at the structural and sensorial characterization of food products;·
  • study of the formulation of ingredients and products;·
  • optimization of food processing / packaging conditions;·
  • feasibility studies for the development of new products and / or for the enhancement of by-products of the agri-food supply chains·
  • numerical simulation of agro-industrial processes and plants;·
  • development of industrial processes for the quality control of food products;·
  • analytical evaluation of the in vitro digestibility of food preparations;·
  • microbiological and chemical characterization of foods for the evaluation of shelf life and the quality of the process and product;

How to request a collaboration or a service·

To request a collaboration or a service, you can contact the management:·

Depending on the client's requests, the most suitable operating unit will be appointed to meet the company's needs. The most suitable task force will be identified to develop the most satisfactory solution for the client, involving the necessary transversal skills to other Operating Units.·

In the event that CIRI - Agribusiness does not have the required skills within its organization, it may redirect the company to other structures of the University of Bologna or other bodies, with which it has consolidated collaborative relationships.