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Routine services

Activities to support the application and validation of research, development and technology transfer results.

What's it about

Routine services include the standard services that the Center offers to organizations or companies in particular to support the application and validation of the results of industrial research, experimental development and technology transfer activities.



What services we offer:The main types of services are:·

  • Instrumental analysis
    analysis for chemical, biological, etc. characterization of materials, surfaces and components;·   

  • Laboratory tests
    performance characterizations for the development and validation of materials, treatments and prototype components (physical, mechanical properties, durability, functionality, compliance with EU directives and national regulations, etc.), including controls and tests;

  • measures   
    surveys in the laboratory or in situ;

  • Use of special systems   

    use of special equipment (eg climatic chambers, ovens, low pressure processing plants, etc.), for the production of prototypes and / or pre-series production;

  • Bibliographic surveys    
    state-of-the-art collection and analysis services of technical, patent and scientific knowledge, referring to specific application domains, carried out for various purposes (eg benchmark assessments with respect to competitors, identification of new application areas for recently developed technologies, addressing of the process of defining the objectives of a technology transfer and / or industrial research activity, etc.).