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Bioactive compounds

Identification of bioactive compounds, study of their formation mechanisms and of their biological activity

The research focuses on the analysis and characterization of specific bioactive molecules,  naturally present in the raw materials or originated during the manufacturing process and storage. The identification of quality markers for products and processes is carried through chemical, physico-chemical and chromatographic and spectroscopic techniques.

Particular attention is paid to the evaluation of antioxidant properties of plant extracts, as well as molecules of neo-formation , such as Maillard reaction products or fermentation compounds. In fact, some specific microbial strains can be used in fermentation processes directed to the production and maximization of specific bioactive substances and commercial interests . On the other hand, some strains can produce some dangerous molecules that are studied and monitored during the fermentation process and the possible ripening.   
The evaluation of the bioactive properties of specific components contained in foods can be developed both in vitro and in vivo in different systems such as cell cultures, experimental animals and in human trials with a nutri- metabonomics approach.