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Bioanalytical, bioactivity and microbiology

This operative unit performs chemico-physical, sensorial and biological analyses, from raw materials to final products, in order to study food composition, bioactive compounds, functional foods, recovery and enhancement of food by-products, optimization of fermentation processes, exploitation of microorganisms for industrial purposes.
Fermentation processes
Fermentation processes Set up and optimization of fermentation processes in order to obtain traditional or innovative products endowed with particular nutritional, functional and organoleptic characteristics, also in relation with the raw material properties.
Byproducts Valorization of food industry by-products
Bioactive compounds
Bioactive compounds Identification of bioactive compounds, study of their formation mechanisms and of their biological activity
Formation of undesirable compounds
compound formation Study of the mechanisms of formation of undesirable compounds and of the mechanisms of lipid oxidation
Metabolism Application of analytical methods to evaluate the effect of the diet on human and animal metabolism
Mathematical and statistical techniques
Statistical techniques Application of mathematical and statistical techniques to the interpretation of the analytical and instrumental data for the product and process optimization.