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Formation of undesirable compounds

Study of the mechanisms of formation of undesirable compounds and of the mechanisms of lipid oxidation

The reserach activities focuses on the mechanisms of formation of undesirable compounds, such as biogenic amines in fermented or fresh foods and products of lipid and cholesterol oxidation.

The CIRI Agrifood has a wide experience in the study of methods for the extraction and quantification of biogenic amines and optimal lipid fraction, of the minor components from natural systems, and in particular food, and in the development of traditional and innovative analytical methods (gas chromatography, gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry, gas chromatography coupled with SPME - Solid Phase Micro Extraction, HPLC, HPLC-MS).


Researchers involved in these activities:

Docenti e ricercatori coinvolti in questa attività di ricerca:

Prof. Fausto Gardini

Prof.ssa Maria Fiorenza Caboni

Dott.ssa Maria Teresa Rodriguez Estrada

Prof. Andrea Versari