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Collaborative Research

Activity oriented to the production of new knowledge realized in agreement with the companies.

What's it about

A company and the CIRI-AGRO agree to jointly carry out a research, in which the parties have a common interest, based on a research project that includes the cooperation of the staff and the use of laboratories and equipment.Usually collaborative research takes place within competitive projects funded by public institutions (such as the EU or the Emilia-Romagna Region), to which companies in the sector can participate in partnership with the Center, according to the collaborative forms envisaged by the calls.In particular, through the Regional Operational Programmes of the European Regional Development Fund (ROP-ERDF), the Region pursues the general objective of strengthening its research infrastructures of national and European importance, in order to increase the competitiveness of the scientific and technological system and create some reference points of excellence for research in the regional territory, capable of exerting transversal effects on most of the rest of the research system and on the most innovative components of the production system.The European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 awards CIRI Agribusiness by awarding it 4 coordinated projects and 5 as partners of other laboratories of the High Technology Network.

Collaborative research project

Ongoing projects (ROP-ERDF 2014-2020)


  • S3O
    Smart Specialized Sustainable Orchard (coordinator: CIRI-AGRO)

    Big data for Agricultural and Food Sciences

  • CoACh
    Cold management in Agro-food Chains: solutions for process digitalization

    Insects for the bioconversion of agri-food by-products in feed and high added value substances

  • MiMe4Health
    Innovative Milk and Meat products for Consumer’s Health


    Completed Projects


    Infrastructure laboratory for the application of advanced technologies to create active and eco-sustainable packaging

    Industrial research and innovation in the fruit and vegetable sector

    Regional microbial collections: biodiversity at the service of the agri-food industry

    Industrial symbiosis: two new by-product foods and a map of related circular economies in Emilia-Romagna