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Food processing, consumption and health

This operative unit includes: study of technologies to improve food shelf-life; optimization of food processing, from both plant and animal origin; formulation of new functional and nutraceutical products; study of techniques to control food quality and traceability. Regarding food packaging, new methodologies and new materials are developed.
Shelf-life The research activity deals with the improvement of food shelf-life through innovative techniques, pre-treatments, new chemicals and specific packaging.
Packaging Study on the packaging for the maintenance of the foodstuff quality.
Functional and nutraceutical foods
Functional and nutraceutical foods Development of new functional and nutraceutical foods and optimization of their functional and sensory characteristics.
Food processing
Process Improvement and optimization of processing related with vegetable and animal foods.
Quality control and traceability
Quality control Improvement of the techniques for the quality, the traceability, the safety and the examination of the food properties
Analysis of the structural changes in the Agro-Food Industry in Emilia-Romagna
Analysis of the structural changes in the Agro-food One important research area of CIRI is the structural change characterising the Agro-Food Industry in Emilia-Romagna, with particular attention to the role of SMEs and Cooperatives, internationalisation and innovation.
Selection techniques and genetic animal traceability
The researches are intended to improve the quality parameters of the meat by means of the study of genetic factors employing the most innovative structural and functional genomics techniques.